Friday, August 19, 2011

Today is ......

That's the intention, but I might be speaking too soon!  For today is going to be the start of organising Lottie's Birthday party - well the task of the last two months worth of work getting organised ready for Monday (roll on Monday 5pm!).  The decorations are all finished - we have made bunting (out of a roll of wallpaper), paper chains, windmills, flowers in a vase, flowers that twirl, embellished napkins and Lottie has made some fun sweet dishes for the table, that's naming just a few! - here is a tiny selection

Paper Chains

Fun Sweet Dishes


Helter Skelter (sweets can roll down this)

Table Decorations

Flowers in Vase


All the lists of items needed for each craft project is ready to start putting the resources together i.e. the sock people box needs socks, thread, needles, ribbon, buttons etc. - the letter initials box needs paint, buttons, pens, embellishments etc. etc. etc.  The cake is being picked up tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing our brief of an art and craft cake (will post picture tomorrow), the helium balloons are on order for Monday morning so that these can be attached to a Flowtee air balloon basket, the pass-the-parcel has been wrapped by Lottie
All that's left is to organise the food and hopes for great weather and at least 2 hours to myself over the weekend to actually have time to go and get Lottie a Birthday present!!

Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x

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  1. Excellent! Have a lovely, lovely time! S&R&Zx