Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sifting through the backlog

So as I said in my previous post, the set up of this blog has been hanging around for a while and all the things I wanted to blog about has been storing up and now is the time to start sifting through!

I will be going back in time (month or so) for my forthcoming posts as me and Lottie have made some nice things that we would like to share.  Today is about Lottie's school Summer Fayre, which took place in July.  I made some lovely sweet bags to be sold on the day and used really beautiful papers that were free with some craft/cardmaking magazines, added some ribbon, buttons and things and filled each bag with mix-up.
I managed to do 19 of these bags and it took me a fair few nights... So I'll post just a few pics of some of my favourite ones.

These bags I bought and just added my own hand-made, hand-cut butterflies and Flower Fairies images.
Lottie enjoyed watching me making these bags so she decided to make me a couple of bags herself and gave them to me as a gift - I especially love the detail of the bird she made on this one and the fluffly pink ribbon on the other.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at our sweet bags - Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x