Saturday, October 1, 2011

Painted air clay and an award

Well I can't believe the weeks are just wizzing by! I have had a few changes to contend with at home as my husband and I made the decision to not send Lottie back to school at the beginning of September and I now home educate her myself.  Although it was quite a task to get the lesson plans, books, activities, class-room and things in place to carry this out, it has been, so far, good all round.  The only thing I don't have much time for now is our making things but hopefully once we have got into a solid routine we will have more time for our hobby room again.

So today I am finally getting round to putting the painted air clay pics on here for you all to enjoy.

As I said in my previous post, I found this to be such an enjoyable craft and I look forward to working more with air clay.

I was pleasantly surprised a couple of days ago to be awarded 'The Versatile Blogger' Award from another great blogger Twinkle Star which I appreciate very much.

Now that I have this great award I have to award it to 2 more bloggers and tell you all 7 facts about myself.  So the bloggers I would like to award this to are:

Just for Fun because that's exactly what I think life should all be about and
The Scrapbook Garden because she uploads a great post every day.

My 7 facts are:

1. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney Princess film
2. My favourite flower is Lillies
3. I love watching all the 'Carry On' films and use the phrase "Oooh Matron" nearly every day
4. My favourite dinner is a lamb roast with all the trimmings, then extras
5. I always tell my husband off for snoring, when I know mine is worse
6. My guilty pleasure in music is Barry Manilow
7. Morgan Freeman is one of my favourite actors

Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x