Monday, August 8, 2011

At last first post!!!!!

Hello and welcome to my blog.  With the help of my wonderful daughter, Lottie we will post our creations, which we hope you will enjoy looking at and using the ideas for your own creations (please post this blog if you do use our ideas as I will with the ideas I have collected from others - thank you)

So I have finally got to this point - actually posting something - Yippee!  I have been working on this blog setup now for far too long (and it will still need some tweaking) but hey ho, if I don't start now it will never happen!

It's coming round to Birthday celebrations in our house as Lottie will be 10 on the 22nd August so we are busy organising her party.  The invitations went out in July and were well received. 
She is having 4 hours of art and craft and we will make sock people, decorate a calico bag, embellish a wooden initial each and make air balloon baskets filled with sweeties for a helium balloon each. There's going to be pass the parcel, ice cream sundaes to make, wibbly, wobbly multicoloured jelly to eat alongside other yummy treats.  Fingers crossed for nice weather as this will need to take place in the garden while sitting on patchwork quilts.  We are still busy making our own decorations for the garden and I will post these next time. Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x


  1. Hi Pamela welcome to blogland! I see you are doing the Certificate in Papercraft Qualification - good luck with that. Thank you for joining my blog - I will reciprocate and join yours. If you leave a comment on my blog on a daily basis I will enter your name into the blog candy draw. Ann x

  2. Lovely to see the new blog Pam & Lottie! Sheila & Zoe x

  3. Hi Pamela, good to see you now have your blog up and running. Good luck with the party. I love the invitations in their own little handbags, what a lovely idea.

    Thanks for joining my blog I have joined yours as a follower, good luck with your papercraft qualification


  4. Thank you to my first lovely comments - I feel so excited and look forward to my continuing blogging - hope you all enjoy x