Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More sifting

Today I would like to post the end of year term cards for Lottie's teachers that I made.  I had only the night before to make these and I didn't think I was going to pull it off.  The first one was for one of the teachers that was leaving at the end of term too so I wanted to reflect this on the card.  I had some really beautiful papers that came with a magazine (I tend to buy most of my magazines purely for the free papers etc.) and used a template of a bird from the same magazine to create this.  I then added a length of ribbon, hand cut a flower from the same paper and applied the button and then put a hand written message on the front and highlighted a few of the elements with black pen.

The next one was for a teacher, I feel, does quite a lot of juggling during the term so came up with this design - I did get a little bit of my idea from and developed it a little more on my card.  I printed a picture of an apple off my PC and copied it onto card to make a template then made and cut all the apples and placed them onto a hand drawn tree - using the same free papers as above.

I wanted the apples to be a 3D effect and so drew around the outside of the apples to show that effect better.

The final card was for a teacher I know likes her garden.  This was made from a different set of free papers, I added a white piece of wavy card and lace ribbon then placed the bird boxes on this then added the four paper tulips along with my hand written message.

Looking back I don't know how I managed to do all that in one evening!!
Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x


  1. These are really lovely cards Pamela - very unique and personal, which is a lovely touch! Ann x

  2. Pamela I really like these cards. I think the apple one is my favourite I really like the 3D effect you achieved it must have taken you ages to cut it all out and put it together. I can totally relate to your choosing your magazine purchases on the basis of the free papers. I often find myself doing the same thing.

  3. Thank you Alli - Yes, the apples were time consuming and I did wonder what I'd let myself into but it was worth it the end! Magazines with freebies is one of my favourites as you get the papers and great ideas in the magazine. Pamela x