Thursday, February 16, 2012

Felt fun

Good evening everyone.  It's nice now that the dark, dank January is behind us and Spring is round the corner.  Gosh I've been so busy these days that my hobby room has been seriously neglected  - need to tidy!!!

I'm working on a little recycling project at the moment and as soon as it is finished a will post but in the meantime I would like to share a couple of Lottie's little bits that she made last weekend for me.  She wanted to try something new and so she opted to try her hand at felt creations and hand-sewing.  The first project was a cute little toadstool which she made a template for out of card and then used it to cut out the felt pieces, she then sewed and stuffed and this is it - not bad for first try!!!

The second one she made was for my Valentines gift and she put it into a lovely little box and wrapped it beautifully for me - I feel very lucky x

Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lovely Award

Many, many thanks to Ann at The Scrapbook Garden for awarding me and Lottie this lovely award.  It really is lovely when you get awarded by fellow bloggers and it is really appreciated, THANK YOU x x


The Liebster Award is given to smaller bloggers who have 200 or less followers in the hope it will bring them new followers and friends.  The tradition is that it is then passed on to five other blogs to help them too.  If you want to accept the award the steps are:

  • 1.     Link back to the person’s blog who gave you the award and thank them.
  • 2.       Post the award on your blog.
  • 3.       Give the award to five fellow bloggers who inspire you.
  • 4.       Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know.

I have to now nominate five fellow bloggers who have inspired me and I would like to nominate these bloggers for a mixture of fantastic inspiration and great blogging.

  1. moonstruckcreations
  2. Pretty Petal Handmade
  3. Twinkles Tutorials & Twirls
  4. alizabethy
  5. Christmas Pie Crafts
I hope these five bloggers will accept their award and also forward it on to another five who deserve it too.

Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x