Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just a few........

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a fab crafting January with some great makes made.  I have been busy organising, designing and trying to come up with some interesting things to make for the coming months.  I have a list that keeps getting bigger and bigger!!

For this post I would like to share with you a few things that myself and Lottie made last year but I never had time to upload them on here.  The Inspire wooden sign above was painted and then decorated in some lovely paper with embellishments attached - this is wall mounted in our hobby room to hopefully bring inspiration!!

The card below I made for Lottie's Brownie leader (Brown Owl) upon Lottie leaving to go into Guides - we thought she deserved Best Owl title.

This poster was made by Lottie and I love it sooooo much so that it hangs in pride of place in the hobby room.  She chose the letter B and illustrated it with things beginning with that letter.  I think the colours and wonderful drawings are really cheery and should put a smile on everyone's face :)

Finally, in 2010 we went to Vintage at Goodwood for the weekend and one of the things that Lottie done there was decorate this calico bag.  I really like the little details that she picked up on while we were there and  used them on the bag to reflect 'Vintage'.  This has since been framed and I love looking at it every day.

I hope these few things may have inspired you in any of your crafting projects and I will be back soon with my new makes.  In the meantime please pop over and see my http://diamondjubileestreetparty.blogspot.com as I am now starting to upload my street party makes too.

Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x


  1. Wow, you are both so creative! Really love your 'inspire' sign! Love your little owl animation blinking at me - so cute! x

  2. Hi Pamela & Lottie - just popped by to award you 'The Liebster Award' - see my blog for further details. Ann x