Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fun things for the kids

This is our welcome message when entering the hobby room.

We have been rather busy bees in the hobby room and I thought we'd share a few of the things we have made as demonstrations for the children I work with at the afterschool creative club (ages 4-6) and I'm pleased to say they are all achievable in the 45 minutes I have as allotted time.

This is just a simple 'toss the ring' game made out of stiff card, decorated and empty glitter pots glued on and played using some cheap bangles - we have played a lot with this one these last few days.

 Simple spider - I will make these in black with the children ready for Halloween.

 Made out of a piece of wood, painted white with a cut-off sock for a hat and scrap material for a dress.

Lottie's favourite thing she made the old 'cup and ball' made using a plastic cup a scrunched up piece of paper wrapped in tape attached to string and a wooden skewer.

These were all very simple to make and Lottie enjoyed every minute - she is quite addicted to the the 'cup and ball' game - beats the DS all the time I think!

Live, Learn, Laugh and Be HAPPY x x


  1. Hi Pamela and Lottie - you have been busy. I love that game and the cup and ball - they look great fun to do and play with. I will have to remember this for next half-term when the 'gang' come over. Thanks for the inspiration. Ann x

  2. Glad you liked them Ann - definitely creates a lot of fun for children and grown ups! x

  3. These are great and I love the spider.